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Sewing pattern for harem trousers

Harem pants (or harem trousers, tshalvar, schalwar, salwar, shintijan, sirwal, sharovary, Turkish trousers, aladdin pants, balloon pants, drop crotch pants, pantaloons) are baggy pants worn by men and women. They are easy to make, do not require a lot of experience in making clothes.

The harem pants' pattern below is simple and aims to use all fabric leftovers: the triangular pieces sewn into the inseams are the parts of the fabric left after cutting out the leg details.

harem pants pattern

How to make harem pants


For pants similar to XIV century clothing fashion the whole width of 45 ins wide silk fabric is used. Later, the amount of silk required for harem pants was reduced: 28 - 32 ins wide fabric (or about 150% of hip measurement) would suffice. Materials: approximately 3 yards (2,6 meters) of light- or medium weight silk fabric. How to calculate: your regular trousers' length (from waist) plus 5 ins, and multiply the result by 2. For example, if your pants' length is 45 ins, you will need (45 + 5) x 2 = 100 ins or 2,8 yards. That includes hem and seam allowances and 2 ins for waistband casing.

Cutting out

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Cut along the lines shown on the first diagram. The measurements on the pattern can adjusted to you taste and fabric weight. I used 13 ins mark for lower crotch. A bigger number would result in lower crotch. The measurement 2 circled on the first diagram represents the narrowest opening of the trousers, so it should be just wide enough for your foot to go through comfortably. I made it 7 ins. You might want to make it smaller - for better fit and look, by adding buttons or even zippers, but then some more time is required. This will not be "lost time", you will get it all back (if you were to add the minutes people spent admiring such fine piece of clothing)!


Turn the gussets upside down and sew them to the trouser pieces as shown on the second diagram. Fold each leg piece in halflengthwise and stitch the inseams. Turn one of the trouser pieces inside out and insert the right-side-out piece into the wrong-side-out piece (right sides of fabric facing), as shown on the second diagram. Stitch the crotch seam. Fold and stitch waistband, leaving 1,5 ins opening for for draw-string.

construction of harem pants

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